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  • Location: Schreiber 007
  • Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Instructor Information

Course Goals and Short Syllabus

Crowd-based data sourcing is a new and powerful data procurement paradigm that engages Web users to collectively contribute data, analyze information and share opinions. This brings to light, out of the huge, inconsistent Web ocean, an important body of knowledge that would otherwise not be attainable. Crowd-based data sourcing democratizes data-collection, cutting companies' and researchers' reliance on stagnant, overused datasets and bears great potential for revolutionizing our information world. Yet, triumph has so far been limited to only a handful of successful projects such as Wikipedia or IMDb. This comes notably from the difficulty of managing huge volumes of data and users of questionable quality and reliability.

The workshop will be about Data-Centered Crowdsourcing and it will be devided into three parts:
In the first part we will learn the foundation of crowd data sourcing, do an overview of the latest research projects leading in field of crowdsourcing and present relevant papers from the top-tier conferences.
Second part, the students will split to small teams (~4 members each team), and propose a topic for a final project (relevant to crowdsourcing, details below). After proposal approval the teams will develop the projects during the semester.
Third and the final part - each team will submit the project and do a presentation to the rest of the teams at the last week of the semester.

Course Format

First three weeks will be lectures which should build a minimum required basics for the rest of the course (the first part). By the end of the three weeks the students will have to split up to groups (~4 members, depending on the number of registered students) and prepare project proposal.
The task will be developing a crowdsouring project, which will solve one of the proposed problems. The project can be a new feature that current crowdsourcing platforms lack, an algorithm for the better crowd/experts selection, tasks generation, budget allocation or any other problem that exists in today's crowdsourcing systems.
The project can be a standalone application (Mobile/Web) or an extension for given system. Everything is up to the team.
The course will have a control point - midterm meeting where each team will present their detailed project description, software/platform choices, work split between the group members, work plan. This will be done in order to see the progress of the teams and ensure that the project converges in the given time.
The project should be done during the semester and the final presentation will be held at the last week of the semester.


  • No formal requirements, but strongly recommended: Web Programming, Databases

Course Schedule

  • First meeting: 15.03.2017
  • Second meeting: 22.03.2017
  • Third meeting: 29.03.2015
  • Midterm meeting: 03.05.2017
  • Projects presentation: 21.06.2017
  • Final projects submission: 28.06.2017